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Helpful Wedding Day Preparation Tips



Something old...

The 'something old' represents the bride's family and her past—her 'old life'. Whatever is chosen should symbolize that the people you love will always be part of your life. This item is traditionally from the bride's mother or grandmother.

Something new...

'Something new' symbolizes the brand new family that will be formed by the newlywed couple. This item represents good fortune, happiness, health and a successful marriage. Most brides count their wedding gown as something new.

Something borrowed...

Borrowing something to wear is an especially important tradition. The borrowed item is to come from a happily married woman, who is thereby lending the bride some of her own marital bliss to carry into the new marriage.

Something blue...

In ancient times, blue was the symbol of purity. So wearing something blue on your wedding day symbolizes your faithfulness and loyalty. Something blue can include a blue bow on your lingerie or garter, blue flowers, a blue ribbon (sewn on the inside of your dress), or a blue trinket inside your bouquet—like a butterfly or bow.

A penny in your shoe...

Traditionally the "Penny" is fastened onto the inside of the shoe, as a symbol of financial wealth, good luck and fortune in the upcoming years of your married life.

Nowadays the "Penny" can be money of any denomination, from and old fashioned coin right through to a brand new shiny coin to a modern note.



There is one simple rule when you wear a wedding gown...

"Be a lady on the day". Take care when placing yourself into the car, and arrange your gown to eliminate creasing. Posture is very important. Ensure you always sit and stand tall.

The one time this rule doesn't apply is when you go to the toilet. You may need to take your chief bridesmaid with you to eliminate accidently flushing the train down the toilet!!


Rescue Remedy is a product recommended by most brides. It is a natural product to calm and relax anxious brides.

Ensure you have a good deodorant to eliminate perspiration transferring onto your gown. Maxim is doctor and dermatologist recommended. It is available at Life Pharmacy. A crystal stick is also effective.


Ensure you and your bridesmaids are wearing a non-oily sunscreen. Photo sessions taken outside can last up to 2-3 hours. In this time, you are oblivious to sun exposure and unknowingly get sun burnt.


Purchase your own lip colour. This way you can take it with you and touch up your lips throughout the day.


If the mark isn't very obvious, just leave it. You can do more damage by attacking it, Silk can 'bruise' if a mark has been worked on too long. The best solution to remove a mark is vodka or oil of eucalyptus. Gently rub using a VERY clean cloth. If the mark is really bad... I suggest to just drink the bottle of Vodka!! If red wine is spilt on the gown counteract this instantly by dabbing the mark with white wine


Before the ceremony, place your engagement ring on your right hand or ask your chief bridesmaid to mind it during the ceremony. After the ceremony, once the wedding ring has been placed on the left hand, the engagement ring can be placed back onto the left hand. If the rings are difficult to place on your finger, smear a small amount of Vaseline around the inside of the rings. The rings should glide on more easily.

Holding your Flowers

Always hold flowers with both hands if the arrangement is a posy structure.

The forearm should rest on yours hip bone, elbows out from the waist and flowers positioned in front of your pelvic bone. The 'nervous' pose is to hold the flowers at the waist. This will not only hide any detailing and embellishments featuring on your gown, but in photos, will also make your body look shorter than what it really is. The bridesmaid with the "flower duty" will eliminate this from occurring.


Generally, all fabrics can be ironed. Always use a pressing cloth (a flat smooth cotton piece of fabric e.g.
a pillowcase). This will eliminate iron shine, transfer of iron dirt or burning holes or scorch marks. Silk can tolerate a high temperature and steam is allowed. Do be careful if you press a crease into silk, it can be difficult to remove.


You are likely to be investing a small fortune in your special day, so it's sensible to take out insurance.
A small price to pay to safeguard against everything from damaged dress to problems with suppliers. Enquire online at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Appoint a Capable Person

This person should be level headed and able to remind you that if all else fails, and they can't solve the dilemma, the flowers are nice but not necessary, someone is keeping a close eye on Aunty Mary and the caterer is rearranging the food to make a filling and wonderful meal from which the chicken will scarcely be missed. The moral of this is that there may be a few things that will go wrong, but only you will know.
The most important aspect to you should be that your fiancé is there to say 'I DO'... simple.


When choosing shoes always pick a style that will complement the gown.

A strappy shoe is great for a soft falling chiffon Gown. A closed in toe (e.g. sling-back) is more suitable for a more structured gown.

Very few people have beautiful feet or toes, so a covered in shoe or 'peep' toe is more suitable.

If you have fabric-covered or satin covered shoes, and you are not planning to dye them black after the wedding (or a more user friendly colour) spray the shoe with a silicone spray to protect the fabric on the shoe. Once the shoes are coated with silicone the shoes are more difficult to dye.

Heel caps or heel stoppers are also highly recommended for on the base of the heel. (They are available in two sizes, and described as plastic caps that fit over high/stiletto heels.)

Heel Caps or Heel Stoppers are designed to eliminate:

1 The heel from sinking into the soft ground.
2 Give you more stability for walking.
3 Protects the fabric of the gown if you accidently stand on the train etc.


Make sure the groom always stands on the side where there is the least detailing on your gown so the main features of your gown are visible. One thing I notice when my brides bring in their photo albums after their wedding is that the finer detailing in gowns is lost with the 'distant' photos. Ensure that your photographer takes the close-up shots of the intricate bead work, rouching, lace, buttons etc... Also a close-up shot of things like the 'hair-do' (hairdressers also appreciate a photo of their work) and the jewellery. All of these details are talking points when you show your friends and family, who couldn't make it to the wedding.

Always, maintain your posture and when bridesmaids are out of the photo, position your train out to the side so it becomes visible. It will also visually make you look taller. Remembering the taller you look... the slimmer you look.


If you suffer from enlarged blood veins on the back of your hand (which generally get worse due to heat), just before you cut the cake (where a close up photo of the hand is required), hold your hand up above your heart for about 30 seconds, the blood will drain from the hand and the veins will disappear.

Cleaning your Gown

Any Polyester gowns can be hand washed. Concentrate on spot cleaning the most obvious marks with laundry soap like "Sard Wonder Soap". Soak in the bath with a soft laundry detergent, rinse thoroughly and give a gentle spin in the washing machine to eliminate excess water. Then drip dry.

Gowns should be cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding day. Stains will 'set' if left too long.

All silk gowns are dry clean only. Find a reputable drycleaner.

We recommend Regal Drycleaners in Auckland, as they are specialists in dry-cleaning silk gowns.

Storing you Gown

Wrap the gown in an acid-free tissue paper and then store it in a cardboard box or any paper carry bag. Avoid plastic dry-cleaning sleeves or plastic bags. Any clean cardboard box or paper bag will be suitable. They can also be packaged in a 'memory box' by the drycleaners but at a cost.

Selling your Gown

If you are considering selling your gown, this should be done as soon as it returns from the drycleaners. Wedding dresses are high fashion items and will date quickly, as all fashions do. A reasonable asking price is generally half of the purchase price.

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