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Wedding Photography handy hints for your Wedding Day

Getting ready: Choose a location that is clutter-free, doesn't have too many other people getting ready with you and offers lots of natural light. Consider putting your dress on in the lounge if the light is oh-so-perfect in that room. Wear comfortable clothing but something you don't mind being photographed in.

Food and drink: We suggest you may like to arrange a small picnic hamper with some nibbles and refreshments for you to have with you on your wedding party shoot. The first 5 mins of the bridal party shoot people generally want to kick off their shoes and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat Especially as it would of been a while since you have eaten.

Wooden coat hanger: If you have or come across a gorgeous wooden coat hanger we love to shoot it with your dress instead of a plastic coat hanger.
White jandels: Always good to have on the bridal party shoot or hidden under the table during the speeches if you have gorgeous, stunning yet impractical heals!

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